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Our Guardian Angels help to support families and carers with loved ones who are living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The devices help them to live their life.

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We care because you care... so help to spread the word

This all started from one of our Dementia Café meetings were we asked people living with Dementia and their carers what they feared most.

Carers replied,

"Our biggest fear is our loved ones forgetting where they live or where they are, we need something so they can be found if they get lost."

People with Dementia said,

"I don't want my partner worrying about me when I go out, as I worry about them then. I asked for something to help me as I still want my freedom to go out on my own."

We then went away to look at modern technology to see if we could help. We came up with several devices and took them to our next Dementia Café in Atherton and showed them to both carers and their partners with Dementia. Most people decided on 4 main devices.

The reason they picked the wrist band, bag/Zip tags, badges and key rings (pictured above) is that everyone told us that when their loved one with Dementia went out they would always pick up and wear the same hat, bag or coat. So these devices can be attached to any.

Carers then said,

"At last something that reassures us and gives us hope that a kind person or the Police will be able to notify us if our loved ones get confused or lost while they are out on their own. We was asked what we needed for a change rather than what we can have. That is why the Guardian Angels work. We picked the 4 devices that Good Deeds Trust haveproduced, as we know what is best for us and our loved ones."

People living with Dementia said,

"Good Deeds Trust asked us, what worried us most, and what would help us? Then they asked us which devices we would pick. What a difference people listening to us makes. It was really nice to be asked. The device is a bit like a comfort blanket. I love the wrist band personally, I never take it off. They’re our Guardian Angels really."

The rest is history as we have designed and made the 4 Guardian Angel devices.

So if you see anyone who looks confused or is lost and needs your help, and are wearing one of our easy recognisable Guardian Angels, just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Hold the back of your NFC enabled phone flat over the Guardian Angel device and the person’s first name & emergency contact number will be displayed.
  2. Just click on the telephone number to speak to their loved one to get them home safe and sound.

We would like to thank everyone for spreading the message of Guardian Angels. If you would like one or more details about them then please fill in the’ Request a Device’ form, phone or email us directly.

Thanks for helping others.

Good Deeds Trust